AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Coffee Maker
AeroPress Coffee Maker
Product image 1AeroPress Coffee Maker
Product image 2AeroPress Coffee Maker

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Meet the traveler’s best friend and the newest brewer to take the coffee world by storm. It’s simplicity meets practicality meets quality. This kit comes with everything you need to brew on the Aeropress, including: filter holder, 350 filters, Aeropress brewer, stir paddle, top funnel, and measuring spoon.

Why we like the Aeropress:

  • Combines immersion brewing with filter brewing
  • Pressure speeds up extraction
  • Quick brew time
  • Clean taste
    • Slightly thicker, syrupy body
    • Less oils in the cup
  • Many fun ways to experiment!
    • Mimic Espresso

Our recommended recipe:

  • 20 grams of coffee (varies on the coffee)
  • 45 second bloom
  • 310 grams water
  • Finish 2.5-3 minutes
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