Transparency Report

Coffee is a world commodity, with two types of quality: commodity and specialty. We source specialty coffee. This type of coffee requires more attention to detail from the farm all the way to your cup. Every hand that touches it plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of the beans. Specialty coffees are all about quality over quantity, typically grown in small quantities by craftsmen and craftswomen farmers.


The cost for most coffee farmers – just to break even – is $1.20/lb. However, in 2019, the global commodity price of coffee dropped as low as $0.90/lb. Under those conditions, many coffee farmers operate at a loss. Factors such as geo political issues, climate change, shortages and surpluses of supply, all influence the price of beans. Often, the farmer is at the mercy of the market.

What we do differently

The coffees we buy at Vigilante Coffee cost well above this commodity price. We seek the best beans out there for our coffee. Our coffees demand a higher premium which rewards the care and attention to detail that specialty coffee farmers put into their product. Additionally, we aim to work as closely with the producer as possible. If we’re working with importers, which we most definitely are, many of our partners are Certified B corps. We’re just aiming to do business the best way, where all parties benefit and sustain long and fruitful relationships.

Our transparency report shows you the exact price we paid as well as the cupping score and how long we’ve been purchasing coffee from this particular producer. These higher prices not only benefit the community around our farmers but benefit our customers who get the best coffee in the world.

We strive to bring more transparency and understanding to coffee. This is just one small step in that direction. Should you have questions about this information, reach out to us at

Transparent Pricing

Coffee Origin


Vigilante's FOB price

Total lbs

Purchase History

Cup Score

Colombia Caturritta $1.76 18,480 2017 84.5
Colombia Caturrita Decaf $3.30 10,000 2017 85
Colombia La Serriana Decaf Grd1 $3.86 2,128 2016 86.5
Colombia La Falda $3.01 24,640 2015 86.5
Colombia La Negrita (Gesha washed & natural) $30.00 1050 2018 94
Colombia Java Natural $13.00 140 2019 92
Colombia Caturritta Decaf $3.80 6143 2017 85
Colombia Women of Pijao $2.60 308 2019 87
Mexico Gloria $28.00 150 2017 93.5
Mexico Anabel Chavez $3.90 462 2019 89
Mexico Jose Daniel $6.50 760 2016 89
Mexico Luis $5.45 150 2019 87
Mexico Las Cotorras $2.80 4564 2019 86.5
Ecuador Alambi $3.70 5000 2018 87.5
El Salvador El Izotal $6.00 600 2019 87
El Salvador Las Verneras $4.15 150 2019 87
El Salvador Buena Vista $6.75 150 2019 88
Honduras Deborah $4.00 300 2019 89
Honduras Los Quetzales $3.75 1064 2020 87
Peru Guyacon $4.00 6080 2018 87
Peru El Shimir (COE #10 winner) $8.00 75 2018 90
Peru Fidel Huancas Pache $4.50 770 2019 87.5
Peru Fidel Huancas Mezcla $3.80 1386 2019 87
Peru Yreida Acosta Maragojipe $4.50 308 2019 88
Peru Wilder Lucio Toro $2.90 770 2019 86.5
Nicargua El Lovo $3.60 5280 2017 86.5
Nicargua El Barril (COE winner) $7.80 770 2015 87.5
Brazil Capim Seco $1.88 45600 2017 85.5
Kenya Kiunyu AA $6.25 1050 2019 87
Burundi Rugori $3.30 750 2019 88
Burundi Butegana $3.40 750 2019 87.5
Burundi Peke $3.63 396 2020 88.5
Indonesia Solok $4.02 4500 2017 86
Indonesia Kerinci $4.02 32900 2018 86
Ethiopia Hadeso 6000 2018 87
Ethiopia Chelbessa 1980 2019 88
Ethiopia Suke Quto 1980 2019 87
Ethiopia Uraga $3.50 529 2020 87
Guatemala El Platanillo $2.75 10640 2017 86
Guatemala La Senda $5.00 1064 2018 88
Guatemala Hidro Natural $6.00 308 2019 89
Hawaii Onila $25.00 800 2018 89.5
Papua New Guinea Kobuta $3.20 396 2020 87

FOB = "Free on Board Shipping Point." The term means that the buyer takes delivery of goods being shipped to it by a supplier once the goods leave the supplier's shipping dock

The Difference

Let's focus on our Colombian Caturrita coffee. The Caturra varietal, is an old growth variety with a really sweet and chocolate forward profile. La Caturrita is a unique blend, created from several small scale producers located in Huila and Tolima. This coffee unites the best lots of our farm partners, made up mostly of small peaberries and smaller grading size beans.

Typically, producers would have to sell this smaller screen size coffee to the local co-op at a lower price, barely breaking even, however this coffee is purchased directly from small producers, allowing them to sell us ALL of their coffee and gain top dollar for the quality they grow.

The FOB on these coffees is a result of the screen size of the bean. These are very tiny beans that are the ones typically separated from our highest quality lots. We just began using them for different purposes and are able to buy both the top tier our producers harvest as well as the smaller screen size bean for a 84-85 cupping score.

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