VGF - Vigilante Gives Foundation

To Uplift Others One Cup of Coffee at a Time

For a long time the mindset in business has been "profits over everything”, but we don't believe in that. We believe that right now a business revolution is taking place and people are realizing the importance of doing business with a conscience. 

When we started Vigilante Coffee we did it from a desire to pursue something we thought would bring us joy, to pursue happiness over money. Our intention from the beginning was simple, “Make their day” with great service and a world class cup of coffee. 

So, as you enjoy your cup of Vigilante Coffee we hope it fires you up! We hope it stirs in you a need to LIVE IMMEDIATELY! To enjoy every moment, and most of all we hope it brings you great pleasure & deep satisfaction knowing that your purchase not only brought you the world's best coffee but that you made the world a little better by who you supported with that purchase. 

We donate 1% of our annual sales to make a positive impact in our local and global community and push for positive and meaningful change.

☕ It is a privilege to roast for our customers and we feel a moral responsibility to do business in a win-win-win mindset. Where our customers win, our suppliers win and the environment wins! 

☕ We think a superior business model is to do work that grows & develops long term sustainable partnerships. 

☕ We believe in working with like minded quality focused businesses and cultivating partnerships with local brands, artists, and craftspeople. 

☕ We believe in working with businesses that consider the impact they have and the responsibility that comes with it. 

☕ We believe business should be used as a force for good - a positive ripple in the world that generates more positive ripples.

Positive Ripples...

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

10% of profits from the sale of our coffee/merch line DANK benefit FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums). An organization working to challenge mandatory minimum sentencing laws and advocate for criminal justice reform. To date we've raised over 5k for this nonprofit using profits from our DANK espresso blend. 

Anacostia Watershed Society

Anacostia Watershed Society is an organization working to clean up our local waterways. Not only do we participate in keeping our waterways clean through our 2 miles of Adopted Trail along the NW Branch Trail, we contribute through monetary donations as well.

Support for healthcare workers

March of 2020, we have donated 1000lbs+ to Frontline Healthcare Workers, Nursing Homes, First Responders, Organizations fighting for equality and justice and Musicians across the country. 

“The whole ICU smells the delicious coffee when it’s brewing. Caring for Covid patients is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It’s hard to keep staff morale up when there are so few wins in the ICU. These acts of kindness from the community - places like Vigilante Coffee sending freshly roasted beans - are bright lights in what’s otherwise a very bleak setting.”

“Coffee is such a comforting and indispensable part of our daily routine here in the ICU. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts--and stomachs!” - Samantha Dallefeld, MD

Ongoing Initiatives

Ending the War on Drugs

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

The Fight for our Climate

Equality for ALL people

Our Local communities

Health Care/Front Line Workers

Past Initiatives

California Wildfire Relief

Criminal Justice Reform

Australia Wildfire Relief

Jerico Mudslide Relief 

The Yemen Foundation 

Freedom Fighters DC

Voices for Racial Justice

The Women’s March in DC

Coffee Kids


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 

Trail & Waterway clean up through 2mi adopted trail

2021 Report

Goal: To donate 1% of Sales

Achieved: 25k in both coffee & financial donations. (1000lbs+ donated + $13K in Monetary Donations) 

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