Espresso Guide

Brewing Instructions

What you need

  • Espresso Machine + Portafilter
  • Grinder (preferably an espresso grinder or grinder that can grind very fine!)
  • Tamp
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Rag


  1. Remove the portafilter. Wipe it clean and dry out the basket.
  2. Zero out the scale with the portafilter resting on it.
  3. Grind about 18–19.5g of coffee to the consistency of confectioner’s sugar directly into the portafilter. You can go back & forth between grinding & weighing until you have between 18–19g in your portafilter. We recommend a small spoon to remove grinds as needed!
  4. Tap it once or twice to settle it and distribute the coffee evenly with your finger.
  5. Tamp the portafilter with 25 pounds of pressure, evenly. You want to create a compact puck! Make sure your coffee bed is level.
  6. Purge water through the grouphead to make sure everything is hot, then lock the portafilter into place.
  7. Place a shot glass or cup under the portafilter on the scale and tare it out.
  8. Engage the grouphead and start the timer.
  9. Watch the espresso for drips initially turning to a steady stream. The entire extraction should take about 24 – 28 seconds to brew about 1.5–2oz (or 30–35g) of espresso.
  10. If it takes too much longer or is pulling too slowly, try a coarser grind. If it brews too quickly, try a finer grind. Once you are getting a consistent 30–35g in 25 – 28 seconds you have dialed in your espresso! Adjust to taste, but these parameters are a great starting point!
  11. Don’t forget to purge water through your group head in between shots & never leave a puck resting in your machine!


Between 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
Any coffee can be used to make espresso, we highly recommend starting with our Tin Lizzie Espresso. It is modeled after a classic Italian Espresso, full bodied with notes of dark chocolate, molasses & caramel with a smooth & nutty finish. It is made to pair well with milk!
The flow of Espresso will appear to have the viscosity of warm honey and the resulting beverage will exhibit a thick dark gold cream foam ("crema") topping. Crema is a flavorful, aromatic, reddish-brown froth that rests on top of a shot of espresso. It is formed when air bubbles combine with fine-ground coffee's soluble oils. Some people refer to this as the "Guinness effect" because it mimics the head on a pour of a Guinness. The presence of crema in an espresso shot indicates quality, freshness, & properly extracted espresso.

Recommended Gear

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Baratza Grinder

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Hario Scale

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