Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème

Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème
Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème
Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème
Product image 1Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème
Product image 2Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème
Product image 3Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème

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We’re proud to feature a Yemen-grown Crème de la Crème coffee for the 3rd year and running.  Our Yemeni coffees are always the most complex and most unique. Honestly, it’s a rare coffee we always look forward to roasting. The cup profile has intensely rich aromatics of allspice, vanilla, and cinnamon, combined with a complex flavor profile of blackberry jam, rhubarb, plum, cranberry, green apple, and lingonberry. It’s the kind of coffee that has you looking for one more sip once you’ve finished the cup -- it really is that good.

We purchased three separate lots, all of which are from the Harazi region. Each lot is less than 66lbs and had similar tasting notes, so we elected to combine them. In total, we only purchased 160 pounds, so this coffee will be gone before you know it! Make sure to snag a bag while you can!

Yemen, a country of origin once known as the #1 supplier of coffee in the world, has reemerged & taken the specialty coffee scene by storm. Yemen has played a vital role in the world of coffee for over 500 years. Haraz, the region where this coffee is produced, is considered to be one of the world’s oldest regions to cultivate coffee. In recent years, many Harazi farmers have transitioned from growing Qat (a stimulant) to growing coffee. The farmer behind this coffee, Abdullah, is a 5th generation coffee producer. In Yemen, growing and farming coffee is considered a “heroic action,” as the environment poses many challenges. One innovation in particular is their sophisticated vertical irrigation system that has allowed them to grow spectacular coffee in a water-scarce environment.

A portion of proceeds from this coffee will be donated to The Yemen Relief & Reconstruction foundation

The Crisis in Yemen

Yemen has been in a civil war since 2015, this has severely restricted the commercial import of food and medicine. Additionally, most food factories and businesses were bombed. Yemen is now facing the world's largest humanitarian crisis with over 80% of the population living under the poverty line and with 50% at risk of famine. With the added difficulty of COVID-19, Yemen’s healthcare system is on the brink of collapsing with lack of medicine, ICUs and PPE. The Yemen Relief & Reconstruction foundation aims to increase awareness of the US public and policy makers about the crisis in Yemen, while supporting relief through providing basic needs like food, clean water, medicine, education and reconstruction support.



FarmerAbduallah Alsalol

Altitude1900 meters


Production MethodNatural

Roast LevelLight

Tasting Notes
Light Body
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