Colombia Half Caff

Colombia Half Caff
Colombia Half Caff
Product image 1Colombia Half Caff
Product image 2Colombia Half Caff

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As I sat there, sipping my third cup of coffee of the morning and pondering making a fourth, I thought, “No, I can’t. The jitters, the caffeine will be the end of me!” If only there were a blend that was designed for maximum enjoyment… designed so that you can have four or five cups back to back to back and not feel like you’re going to jump out of your skin. I’m talking half the caffeine, just as much flavor. And so, the Vigilante Half Caff was born that morning, right then and there.

We wanted this blend to taste just as great as a regular cup of coffee but with half of the caffeine, but at the same time available all year round, and appealing to our full spectrum of coffee lovers. So for this iteration of the Half Caff, we decided to go with a Colombian blend: we selected our fan-favorite Colombian La Falda and combined it with our Sugar Cane decaffeinated Colombian Madre Laura Decaf for a blend that is characteristically full bodied and rich, with notes of orange, dried fig, pecan on a smooth chocolatey base. Delicious separately, but when combined… maximum enjoyment is guaranteed.


RegionHuila & Antioquia

Altitude1450-2000 Meters

VarietalsCaturra, Castillo, Colombia, & Dos Mil

Production MethodWashed & Sugarcane Decaffeination

Roast LevelMedium

Half Caff
Tasting Notes
Pancake Syrup Orange Dried Fig Pecan Creamy Mouthfeel
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