The Simple Cold Brew Jar Kit

The Simple Cold Brew Jar Kit
The Simple Cold Brew Jar Kit
Product image 1The Simple Cold Brew Jar Kit
Product image 2The Simple Cold Brew Jar Kit

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Here's the facts. Making cold brew is as easy as 1,2,3. Here at Vigilante, we like putting our customers in the driver's seat. That's why we've developed the Cold Breezy Kit. It's got everything you need to make delicious cold brew at home! Here's why making it at home is better:

1. Freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee (whether that's hot coffee or cold brew) is far superior to pre-ground and/or pre-brewed coffee.  
2. When you brew it yourself you can make it to your own preference.
3. Shelf life is up to 5 days after brewing!

Kit Includes: 32oz Jar + 5 Reusable Cloth Filters + 12oz Bag of Cold Breezy Blend

Our signature cold brew blend, the Cold Breezy, is a combination of Brazilian & Colombian coffees. The flavor profile for this blend is Chocolate, low acidity, full bodied, and smooth!  

The Vigilante Cold Brew Recipe

Tools Needed:
- 32oz Jar
- Reusable Cloth Filter
- 113 grams (4oz) Vigilante Beans (Ground coarsely)
- 24oz (3 cups) Cold/Room Temp Filtered Water

Step 1: Place the cloth filter into the jar and add the coffee to the filter, leaving the top open. 

Step 2: Apply 12oz of cold/room temp filtered water to the grounds.

Step 3: Stir the coffee making sure all the grounds are saturated 

Step 4: Tie the cloth filter bag closed and add the rest of the water. Ensuring all of the coffee has been evenly saturated.

Step 5: Allow to steep in your fridge for 16-18 hours

Step 6: Remove the coffee including the filter from the jar. Feel free to use the grounds for your garden (it adds nitrogen to your plants) and make sure to save your filter! It's good for multiple uses. Rinse the filter of all used grounds and let it sit in water for a few hours to remove the coffee oils.

Step 7: You should yield around 18-20oz concentrate. Add 10oz filtered cold water to the coffee concentrate 1:3 water to cold brew concentrate ratio. Stir and sample the cold brew. You can always use less water for a stronger flavor so adjust to your liking!

Step 8: Pour over ice & enjoy!  

*Your cold brew will stay good for up to 5 days post brewing.


CountryBrazil & Colombia

RegionCarmo de Minas & Huila

FarmCapim Seco & La Falda

Altitude1100-1800 Meters

VarietalsYellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Production MethodPulp Natural & Washed

Cold Breezy Blend
Brazil & Colombia
Tasting Notes
Chocolate Low Acidity Full Bodied Smooth


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