Colombia Decaf Madre Laura

Colombia Decaf Madre Laura
Colombia Decaf Madre Laura
Product image 1Colombia Decaf Madre Laura
Product image 2Colombia Decaf Madre Laura

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This one’s for the decaf lovers! Some of you may recognize this coffee from when we had it in its caffeinated form - we had the pleasure of trying the decaf from our friends at Campesino, and couldn’t pass it up! Madre Laura is a curated blend of coffees from a community of small producers in the vicinity of Jerico, a relatively small town in the Antioquia Department of Northwest Colombia. This blend was processed using the washed technique, and then decaffeinated at Colombia’s only decaffeination plant, DESCAFECOL. This particular decaffeination process (which is the same process used for our Sweet Waters Decaf) uses Ethyl Acetate (EA), a natural compound derived from the fermentation of sugarcane. The whole process looks something like this: the prepared coffee is brought to the decaffeination plant, where it is lightly steamed in a large silo to open up the pores of the coffee beans to more easily extract caffeine and to remove any parchment still left on the beans, and then added to tanks filled with EA and water to soak for about 24 hours, which removes 98-99% of the caffeine. The extracted caffeine is then sold to energy drink and soda companies for use in their beverages. Oftentimes, certain decaffeination processes can strip the coffee of its inherent flavors, taking some of the desirable flavor compounds out in addition to the caffeine - not here though! This coffee still has all of its acidity and vibrancy, but none of the jitters and heart palpitations that you might get from our full-caff options.

How to Brew It:

We’ve roasted this coffee to thrive in both pourover and espresso brew methods - for pourover methods, use a 1:15 coffee to water ratio and a brew temperature of 195–200 degrees; for espresso, 19 grams of coffee in, 32–35 grams out, for about 25 seconds.


RegionJerico, Antioquia

Altitude1900–2000 Meters

VarietalsDos Mil, Caturra, and Castillo

Production MethodEA Decaffeinated

Roast LevelMedium

Decaf Madre Laura
Tasting Notes
toasted almond aroma kiwi dried dates Molasses SweetnessBright Acidity Lingering Finish
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