NotNeutral 12oz Mug

NotNeutral 12oz Mug
NotNeutral 12oz Mug
NotNeutral 12oz Mug
NotNeutral 12oz Mug
Product image 1NotNeutral 12oz Mug
Product image 2NotNeutral 12oz Mug
Product image 3NotNeutral 12oz Mug
Product image 4NotNeutral 12oz Mug

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"Coffee, one of life's simple pleasures." Adorns the inside rim of our newest 12oz Mug while the coffee head logo greets you as you finish your last sip.

The new Vigilante Coffee 12oz NotNeutral Mugs will elevate your coffee experience. A mug we've been looking forward to designing for many years. Honestly, it's our favorite mug to date. Created specifically for enjoying specialty coffee. Their iconic shape is optimized for latte art and thermal insulation, and the handle, flush with the rim of the mug, ensures comfort and control for barista and drinker alike.  Some mugs just hit right. This one does just that.

Added bonus- these mugs can actually fit closer to 14oz of coffee. So enjoy that extra 2 oz each morning and savor every sip. Coffee is after all, one of life's simple pleasures. 

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