Ethiopia Natty Cheffe (Subscription)

Ethiopia Natty Cheffe (Subscription)
Ethiopia Natty Cheffe (Subscription)
Product image 1Ethiopia Natty Cheffe (Subscription)
Product image 2Ethiopia Natty Cheffe (Subscription)

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Ethiopia, the birthplace of all coffee always brings out the show stoppers and never fails to blow our minds. The incredible cup quality coming from the Yirgacheffe region specifically is just astonishing.

The "Cheffe" coffee grown at 1900 meters on iron rich soil allows for a delicate and delicious coffee to be grown. This coffee undergoes a drying process referred to as the “Natural process”. The coffee cherry is harvested at peak ripeness and is then left to dry with the cherry fruit surrounding the coffee seeds still intact. Raisin'ing up so to speak; this process has been perfected by the producers in Ethiopia. Every couple of hours a worker will turn over those drying cherries ensuring uniform drying. The entire drying process lasts between 4-6 weeks. After which the fruit of the seeds is milled away and then prepared for export and sent to the capital.

This cup is creamy, light bodied, sweet, fruity, and clean as a whistle.  The bright notes jump out of the cup and into your taste buds. We’re always looking to elevate our quality and we think with this particular Yirgacheffe we've achieved that. Recommended on any brew method you fancy. We love this coffee and think you will too.




FarmHaro Badami Community - Idido Cooperative

Altitude1940-2200 Meters


Production MethodNatural

Natty Cheffe
Tasting Notes
Floral Blueberry Pecan Brown Sugar Lingering Finish
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