Mexico Mazateca Blend

Mexico Mazateca Blend
Mexico Mazateca Blend
Mexico Mazateca Blend
Mexico Mazateca Blend
Product image 1Mexico Mazateca Blend
Product image 2Mexico Mazateca Blend
Product image 3Mexico Mazateca Blend
Product image 4Mexico Mazateca Blend

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 The Mazateca lot is a blend of 9 producers from the Sierra Mazateca from Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón. The exact part of the town where the majority of this community coffee is produced is called Peña Colorada. The small farms and the similar taste profile (similar altitude, process, and the same varieties) of the coffee allowed us to combine these 9 producers and have a community blend. Much like our staple coffee from Colombia, La Falda. To source this coffee it required the help of a local Oaxaca City school teacher named Felipe. Felipe was interested in helping the coffee farmers of his community sell their coffee at a higher price. To attain this, it would have to be sold on the international market as the local market price is so low they can't even break even. With Felipe’s help, our export partner in Oaxaca, Thomas, created a humble cupping lab/purchasing station in the town. Several hundred coffees were sampled & cupped (many of them outstanding in their quality). To develop rapport with the new farmers Thomas drove directly to farmers homes, meeting them in person, picking up and transporting much of the coffee in his Red VW Beetle. Lugging around a huge old coffee scale and finalizing the purchase of the coffees as the sun was setting.



RegionSierra Mazateca

Altitude1750-1900 Meters

VarietalsBourbon & Typica

Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelMedium

Mazateca Blend
Tasting Notes
Caramel Dried Fig Hibiscus Red Grape Medium Body Syrupy Mouthfeel
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