El Salvador Las Veraneras

El Salvador Las Veraneras
El Salvador Las Veraneras
Product image 1El Salvador Las Veraneras
Product image 2El Salvador Las Veraneras

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We'd like to welcome back the incredible coffees of El Salvador. Our first time offering a coffee from this beautiful country since 2015. This coffee from finca Las Veraneras, offers a delicious vibrant cup & supports the innovative farming approach to improve the soil using microorganisms, compost and natural fertilizers with ancestral biodynamic practices. These agro-ecological farming practices yield healthy sustainable harvests in the production of coffee, cacao, and honey.

This coffee is a black honey process which lends to its natural sweetness. After the cherries are picked, the majority of the fleshy skin of the cherry is removed leaving a layer of mucilage. Mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky, like honey. The beans are then laid out to dry under a lot of shade to slow down the drying time and increase the amount of humidity. Lots of humidity and a slower development are the essentials to creating a black honey process. While honey processed coffees are more work due to the constant monitoring, it is well worth it for the unique flavor it produces! It is our head roaster Franklin who sourced this coffee specifically - We and he hope you enjoy it!


CountryEl Salvador


FarmerJorge Cruz Reyes

Altitude1750 Meters

VarietalsSan Pacho

Production MethodBlack Honey

Las Veraneras
El Salvador
Tasting Notes
Sweet Chocolate Raisins Dark Cherry Lingering
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