El Salvador Las Veraneras

El Salvador Las Veraneras
El Salvador Las Veraneras
Product image 1El Salvador Las Veraneras
Product image 2El Salvador Las Veraneras

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We'd like to welcome back this incredible Salvadorian grown Black Honey processed coffee, Las Veraneras.  This 20 hectare farm run  by Mr. Jorge Cruz Reyes is located in El Salvador’s Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. They are one of the few farms in El Salvador to work with self-sustained biodynamic growing practices, producing their own composts, and natural fertilizers for plant nutrition. These agro-ecological farming practices yield healthy and sustainable harvests of specialty coffee, cacao, and honey (we have featured this honey for sale in our Hyattsville cafe throughout 2021).  In the past year, these sustainable farming practices have produced coffees that earned accolades at specialty coffee competitions such as the “Cup of Excellence.”  We’ve had the pleasure of sourcing this coffee directly from Jorge since 2019.

This coffee is a black honey process; after the coffee cherries are picked, the majority of the fleshy skin of the cherry is removed leaving a layer of fruit mucilage. This mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky, like honey. The beans are then laid out to dry on african raised beds under a lot of shade to slow down the drying time and increase the amount of humidity. Lots of humidity and a slower development are the essentials to creating a black honey process. While honey processed coffees are more work due to the constant monitoring, it is well worth it for the unique flavor it produces!  The cup profile; toasted almond aroma, orange blossom & caramel flavor notes give way to a smooth brown sugar & well rounded finish.


CountryEl Salvador


FarmerJorge Cruz Reyes

Altitude1750 Meters

VarietalsSan Pacho

Production MethodBlack Honey

Roast LevelMedium

Las Veraneras
El Salvador
Tasting Notes
Toasted Almond aroma Orange blossom Caramel Brown Sugar Mild acidity Round body
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