Guatemala La Senda Carbonic Maceration

Guatemala La Senda Carbonic Maceration
Guatemala La Senda Carbonic Maceration
Product image 1Guatemala La Senda Carbonic Maceration
Product image 2Guatemala La Senda Carbonic Maceration

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Finca La Senda in Guatemala has been around in some form since the 1940s, when the father of now-owner Arnoldo Pérez Melendez pioneered the planting of coffee in the small village of Aldea el Sacorro. The 27 acre farm, which extends up the hillside above the village towards Mount Balàm (known as “Hill of the Jaguar” in the native language) on rich volcanic soil, is now run by Arnoldo and his wife, Maria Eugenia Escobar, as well as their children. We have been working directly with La Senda since 2019, 2 years after our green-buying partner Thomas of Red Beetle Coffee Lab visited their farm and helped to persuade Alfonso and Maria to switch to specialty coffee production and processing from their more commodity focused production methods. Now known for their more experimental processing techniques, our first La Senda that we are proud to release this year is an extended Carbonic Maceration: ripe cherries are first anaerobically fermented in a bioreactor flushed with Carbon Dioxide, then depulped and anaerobically fermented again, for a total of over 300 hours(!) before being semi-washed in tanks and set out to dry in the shade on African-style drying beds for 4 weeks, constantly being agitated by hand to make sure that all of the beans dry evenly. The result is a more subtle form of a funkier processed coffee: the aroma has base notes of chocolate with some teriyaki-like intrigue, and the flavor has a base of sweet nougat that we’ve come to expect from Finca La Senda, topped with hazelnut and banana with hints of cinnamon, all delivered with a silky smooth mouthfeel.

How to Brew It:

Best enjoyed using filter methods to experience the more subtle flavors, this would also perform well on french press. Brew ratios should be between 1:15 and 1:16, at a temperature of between 200 and 205 degrees.



RegionAcatenango, Chimaltenango

FarmSeveral Small Farmers

Altitude1650 – 2000 Meters

VarietalsCaturra & Bourbon

Production MethodCarbonic Maceration

Roast LevelLight/Medium

La Senda Carbonic Maceration
Tasting Notes
Chocolatey Aroma Molasses Sweetness Hazelnut BananaMild Apple AciditySilky Mouthfeel
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