Tie Dye Vanagon Tee

Tie Dye Vanagon Tee
Tie Dye Vanagon Tee
Tie Dye Vanagon Tee
Product image 1Tie Dye Vanagon Tee
Product image 2Tie Dye Vanagon Tee
Product image 3Tie Dye Vanagon Tee

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Our very first Tie Dye design t-shirt is the shirt you wanna be wearing all summer long. The Tie Dye style has its roots in ancient textile traditions dating back to around 500AD. In the Hippie culture of the 1960's Tie Dye burst back onto the scene and quickly became synonymous with the wandering carefree loving spirit of the 60's.

It's back today and here to stay.  The Vigilante Tie Dye shirt is adorned with the Vigilante Vanagon logo. A real 1991 Vanagon that we use for various coffee related and surf related events. Currently, the Vanagon is residing in Oceanside, CA where our West coast roastery & cafe is located. The VW Vanagon is a symbol all on it's own, and when combined with the Tie Dye... you get the nostalgia + the new age and the statement that says it without saying it...."I live free."  

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