Peru Chota

Peru Chota
Peru Chota
Peru Chota
Peru Chota
Peru Chota
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Our latest and greatest offering from Peru, Chota, hails from Chirinos in Northern Peru. Chirinos is at a high elevation of over 2000m. Until recently, it hadn’t been ideal for the cultivation of coffee as it was too cold. Climate change has contributed to rising temperatures which has transitioned farmers that typically were producing potatoes, corn, vegetables, and cattle into growing specialty coffee. It’s still pretty cold at that elevation so the coffee disease; leaf rust is almost non-existent. Additionally, the cold extends the fermentation time of the coffee, which lends itself to really rich complexity in the cup.

Finca Churupama is a producer we have been working with since 2018. Run by Eber Tocto & his brothers, they have distinguished themselves as a leader for environmentally sustainable coffee production. As is common with many great producers we work with, the Tocto brothers share their knowledge via a training center & farming techniques with their neighbors. They have expanded to working with over 215 neighboring farmers, assisting them in elevating their production practices and offering these producers access to markets with roasters like us searching out exceptional specialty coffees. 

As with all businesses, consistent investment into their farm, facilities, equipment, processing and drying methods have helped finca Churupampa put Chirinos on the world stage of specialty coffee. The farms focus on organic coffee production and also grow tropical fruits and raise chickens for local consumption. Finca Churupampa produces their own fertilizer pellets using flora from the surrounding forest & the residue aka honey from the coffee fruit that is left over in the fermentation tanks. These little fertilizer pellets help the coffee plants retain water. 

Brewed via pour over (or drip), cold brew, or even as a single origin espresso you will find it offers a rich & varied flavor experience. 


RegionSan Ignacio, Cajamarca

Altitude2000 Meters


Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelMedium

Tasting Notes
CaramelMarshmallowJuicyMedium BodySmooth Finish
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