Mexico Las Cotorras

Mexico Las Cotorras
Mexico Las Cotorras
Product image 1Mexico Las Cotorras
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Chiapas, a region which has stuck out in our minds since we first started roasting coffee in the basement in 2011. We were lucky enough to score a bag of Mexican Chiapas coffee back then and the distinct delicious taste has been in our memory ever since. Nutty, milk chocolate, velvety smooth body, just a super pleasant coffee to drink.

Chiapas is Mexico’s largest coffee producing region by volume, and was historically the first area to grow coffee in Mexico back in the late 1700s. Next to another famous central american coffee region, Guatemala’s Huehuetenango, Chiapas is an ideal spot to grow fine arabica coffee, aided by the shade of lush tropical forests and fertile volcanic soils. This unique terroir creates coffees that are generally known for their light, delicate flavors, rich acidity, and round body.

This coffee was named Las Cotorras after the beautiful birds endemic to the El Triunfo Biosphere, a protected area of close to 120 thousand hectares in Chiapas. It represents the very last of the Central American cloud forests, where naturally occurring condensation is trapped by the forest, giving life to a large number of plant and animal species. We are proud to say that this was an organically produced coffee. Fun fact - Mexico is one of the largest producers of organic coffee in the world, despite only producing 1% of global volume, and is one of the only sources in the world of Smithsonian Bird Friendly Ceritified coffees!

We’re proud to continue to feature the very best coffees that Mexico has to offer!




FarmLas Cotorras

Altitude1300-1700 Meters

VarietalsBourbon, Typica, Caturra & Mundo Novo

Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelMedium

Las Cotorras
Tasting Notes
Malt Aroma Dried Apricot Hazelnut Honeysuckle Balanced Acidity Round Body
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