Indonesia Hendra's Anaerobic

Indonesia Hendra's Anaerobic
Indonesia Hendra's Anaerobic
Product image 1Indonesia Hendra's Anaerobic
Product image 2Indonesia Hendra's Anaerobic

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This is our 2nd release from coffee farmer, Hendra Mulizar. The 1st was a 100% Java Natural process that was out of this world good. Now, we’re proud to present a Natural Anaerobic processed coffee that produces a cup with a banana bread aroma, notes of raw sugar, grilled peaches, bergamot black tea & baker’s chocolate with a syrupy body & balanced acidity.

The Anaerobic (without oxygen) process allows the farmer to extend the fermentation time to develop unique taste characteristics within the coffee. The process produces a juicy cup!

Hendra works with 10-15 farmers to provide QC, training, and infrastructure. He has his own processing facilities in the Pegasing district (Central Aceh, North Sumatra) with a unique culture for quality & experimentation. In Indonesia he is known as the pioneer of processing because he brought strict oversight to quality control in processing specialty coffee in Sumatra. He’s been building relationships in the highlands for over 15 years and has started moving more job opportunities up to the highlands so that more of the income stays closer to the farmers. He has built a strong reputation domestically for high quality over the past several years which has resulted in Cup of Excellence placements and worldwide recognition.



RegionGayo, Sumatra

FarmSeveral Small Farmers

Altitude1800 Meters

VarietalsP88 & Typica

Production MethodAnaerobic Natural

Roast LevelMedium

Hendra's Anaerobic
Tasting Notes
Banana Bread Grilled Peaches Bergamot Baking ChocolateBalanced AciditySyrupy Body
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