Honduras Los Quetzales

Honduras Los Quetzales
Honduras Los Quetzales
Honduras Los Quetzales
Honduras Los Quetzales
Product image 1Honduras Los Quetzales
Product image 2Honduras Los Quetzales
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Product image 4Honduras Los Quetzales

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Hailing from the world renowned coffee growing region of Santa Barbara, Honduras. Coffees from Santa Barbara offer flavor attributes not found anywhere else in Central America. Roasted medium to accentuate the caramel sweetness of this coffee. We thought this coffee tastes best as an immersion brew, but will perform well as a filter coffee as well. In the cup this coffee offers root beer aromatics, notes of toasted almond, caramel, vanilla, a mild acidity, balanced, and a medium body.

Santa Barbara is the name of a region in Honduras, but it is also the name of the mountain range that stretches through this part of the country where this coffee grows. The best coffee farms are helping one another, innovating together, & striving for excellence in coffee farming together. It’s how they put their community on the proverbial coffee map. The hillside where Quetzales is grown has become the largest supplier of Cup of Excellence auction winners in Honduras.
A Dwarf mutation of the Bourbon coffee variety, the Pacas varietal was discovered in El Salvador in 1949 on a farm owned by the Pacas family. Today, the Pacas variety is grown in Honduras as well. The single-gene mutation that causes the plant to grow smaller (dwarfism) is its chief virtue; the plants small size leads to higher potential yields and the possibility of placing plants closer together to increase total coffee production on a farm.

Pedro Sagastume, the farmer behind Los Quetzales said this about the community of coffee farmers in Santa Bárbara: “There exists an eagerness here; a willingness, motivation and ambition to produce the best coffee in the country. The most successful farms with the smartest and most innovative farmers are neighbors on this hillside and they help each other to refine the best of their lots.” Lastly he shared that his, “desire is to improve the processing of {his} coffee from the moment it is picked until the moment it is dried, to improve {his} farm, to produce more and better quality, all of this so {we} continue to buy {his} coffee and support {them} with sustainable prices...To be a coffee producer like {his} father and {his} grandparents, it is {their} tradition, because {he} loves it, because it is an agricultural product that can sustain a family."



RegionSanta Bárbara

Altitude1600 Meters

Varietals100% Pacas

Production MethodWashed

Los Quetzales
Tasting Notes
Root Beer Aroma Toasted Almond Caramel Mild Acidity Medium Body Balanced
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