Honduras Finca Deborah

Honduras Finca Deborah
Honduras Finca Deborah
Product image 1Honduras Finca Deborah
Product image 2Honduras Finca Deborah

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Honduras - a country high on our list to source from. We've featured some stellar coffees from Honduras before but this is the first year that we've had the opportunity to feature a Honey Process from Honduras. Our latest feature hails from Finca Deborah in the Los Planes de Santa Maria, La Paz region, grown by female coffee producer Cecilia Quan. 5 years ago Cecilia left her position working as a pharmacist to pursue her calling in the family business of producing world class coffees. Since then she has focused on perfecting Honey Processed coffees and it has really paid off!

In the winter 2019 we cupped a sample of her coffee and immediately agreed to feature it. As always, the quality in the cup is what drives us when buying coffee but this one came with an added bonus. Two of the three varietals in this coffee are crossbreeds that have lineage to Robusta. As Americans we predominantly drink Arabica coffee. Robusta is grown in lower altitudes, drier/harsher climates, and produces a high yield of coffee cherries each harvest as well as being resistant to a plant killing disease called leaf rust. It’s also important to note that Robusta has 83% higher caffeine than Arabica beans. So, in theory this coffee is gonna pack a punch of caffeine deliciousness designed to send you to the Moon!



RegionLa Paz

FarmFinca Deborah

Altitude1450 Meters

VarietalsIcatu, Catuai & Parainema

Production MethodHoney Process

Finca Deborah
Tasting Notes
PearBuckwheat HoneyChocolateMedium BodyButtery Finish
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