Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa

Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa
Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa
Product image 1Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa
Product image 2Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa

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Remember this region, Yirgacheffe. If you see it on our offerings, know it's one of our best. That's because this particular coffee growing region of Ethiopia produces some of the most delicious and consistently high quality coffees in the world. Yirgacheffe coffees are notable for their clean and fragrant floral notes. We started buying coffee from Chelbessa in 2018. Worka is the nearest town to Chelbessa and it translates to 'golden' in Gedeo, the local language. Over 500+ small coffee farmers bring their coffee cherries to this centralized washing station in Chelbessa, making this a community coffee. The typical size of one of these farms is 2.5 acres and the varieties are what we call heirloom, which essentially means they're native to that area. The washing station, Worka Chelbessa has been making a name for itself as they take processing to the next level and produce some amazing coffees. The meticulous washed process that the coffee undergoes adds to the crisp character found in the cup. We take a light but aggressive roast approach on this coffee. Given that this coffee is grown at extremely high elevations this allows us to use a higher heat during the early part of the roast process. The end result is a taste profile that is rich & floral with a velvety mouthfeel, a fruity and bright acidity. A coffee we think all Ethiopian coffee fans will appreciate.




FarmSmallholder Farms

Altitude1900-2200 Meters


Production MethodWashed


Roast LevelLight

Worka Chelbessa
Tasting Notes
Floral White Peach Black Tea Bright AcidityVelvety Mouthfeel Clean Finish
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