El Salvador El Izotal

El Salvador El Izotal
El Salvador El Izotal
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El Izotal, a 100% Pacamara Natural that is bursting with juiciness. This farm, like many producers we work with, is an award winning farm, claiming national recognition and a score of an 87 in the 2019 Cup of Excellence competition. Our head roaster Franklin is from El Salvador, and in 2019 he made it his mission to source a phenomenal coffee from there. Franklin connected with Salvadoran export company, BioKrop, a direct trade company that assists small farmers in producing specialty coffee. Some of what BioKrop does to assist farms like El Izotal, is provide technical assistance, organic foliars for maintaining healthy plants and assistance prior and post-harvest to improve & innovate fermentation and drying processes.

Bursting with grape and juicy flavors, this coffee is a reminder that this ain’t your grandma’s Uban from back in the day. This is that new age, where coffee is being pushed to new levels. Our expectations of what coffee should taste like are shattered when we try a coffee like this Natural Pacamara. El Salvador has a rich coffee history and has played a significant role in the development of the Central American coffee market. However, with plummeting global coffee prices over the past decade, it has forced more than 80,000 small scale coffee producers and coffee pickers off the land and into desperation. Thousands migrated to the cities in search of work, while thousands more risk their lives in journeys to Mexico and the United States in search of work. Over two million Salvadorans now live in the U.S. and the over $2 billion per year they send home to their families keeps the economy in their home country afloat. We hope companies like BioKrop will continue to help small scale farmers develop and produce specialty coffee so that they can earn a sustainable living wage.

CountryEl Salvador


Altitude1875 Meters


Production MethodNatural

Roast LevelMedium

El Izotal
El Salvador
Tasting Notes
Papaya Brown Sugar Hazelnut Clean Medium BodySmooth Finish
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