DR Congo Umoja

DR Congo Umoja
DR Congo Umoja
Product image 1DR Congo Umoja
Product image 2DR Congo Umoja

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Our newest coffee hails from Central Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo! The name of this coffee, Umoja is the Swahili word for "Solidarity".  If there's one thing the Vigilante Familia can get behind, it's Solidarity. Through the sale of this coffee the community has been able to improve living conditions, provide schooling, housing and jobs while promoting women's and pygmy rights. This is a community grown coffee grown by around 1000 specialty coffee farmers. Grown in the Kivu region on volcanic soil at an altitude of over 1,480 meters. It is a part of the African Great Lakes region. These farms are not expansive, instead very small plots of land where the farmers all work together to contribute their coffee to sell as a unit. Another example of a community coffee we offer is La Falda from Colombia as well as many coffees from Ethiopia & Burundi.

Whenever we have the opportunity to try new coffees from regions or countries we have not yet sourced from, we get giddy with excitement. Especially when the continent on which the coffee is grown is Africa, as some of our favorite coffees each year come from Africa. So, when a sample of Congolese coffee found its way to us we were intrigued. But as we always say, it's what's in the cup that matters. Well, the taste was spot on, knock our socks off good. Complex fruity notes, lingering sweetness, and a slight earthiness. We scored it at 87 points out of 100.  Reminiscent of Kenyan & Burundi coffees we feature each year but distinct in its own right and once you try it you'll see for yourself. The coffees coming out of Congo will continue to enrich our coffee pallets for years to come.

CountryDemocratic Republic of Congo


FarmSmallholder Farms

Altitude1480-2000 Meters

VarietalsRed Bourbon & Heirloom

Production MethodFully Washed

DR Congo
Tasting Notes
Passion FruitCaramelMedium BodyVibrantClean Finish
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