Colombia Norbey Quimbayo

Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Product image 1Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Product image 2Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
Product image 3Colombia Norbey Quimbayo
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Product image 5Colombia Norbey Quimbayo

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This coffee is grown by Norbey Quimbayo & hails from a small 12 hectare farm called “La Esmeralda” in Hulia, Colombia. Hulia has emerged as a specialty coffee region in Colombia and is the same region where our staple coffee, La Falda is from.

Norbey began his career in coffee as a picker & in 2005 was given the opportunity to buy a portion of a farm. In 2010 he stepped into the world of Specialty Coffee and started planting exotic varieties such as Gesha, Papayo and Pink Bourbon, among others. Norbey tells us that shifting his focus to producing Specialty Coffee was the best decision he could have made. Since making the change, he has experienced greater premiums for his work & gained international recognition.

This 100% Pink Bourbon was processed in a unique way using Extended Fermentation. First, the coffee was fermented for 10 hours with the coffee cherry pulp intact and surrounding the beans. Afterwards, the cherry was removed and the coffee was left to ferment for an additional 24 hours in traditional ceramic tanks. The coffee was then gently washed and put on raised African dry beds for 17 days until the ideal moisture content of 10-12% was achieved. We think Norbey nailed it - with sweet aromatics and notes of orange, vanilla & hibiscus with complex, vibrant citrus acidity and a juicy & smooth finish.




Elevation1800 meters

Varietals100% Pink Bourbon

Production MethodWashed Extended Fermentation

Roast LevelLight

Norbey Quimbayo
Tasting Notes
Sweet AromaOrangeVanillaHibiscusVibrant AcidityJuicy BodySmooth Finish
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