Cafec Medium Roast Filter

Cafec Medium Roast Filter
Cafec Medium Roast Filter
Cafec Medium Roast Filter
Product image 1Cafec Medium Roast Filter
Product image 2Cafec Medium Roast Filter
Product image 3Cafec Medium Roast Filter

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The quality of your coffee filter will impact the quality of the coffee you enjoy. Cafec filters are designed to deliver you the best cup of coffee possible. When analyzing what makes a great pour over cup of coffee one must look at what’s involved…here it is:

  1. High quality filter paper 
  2. Good dripper for ideal pour over (ie. Kalita, Cafec Dripper, Hario, etc.) 
  3. A gooseneck kettle for controlled water volume and speed 
  4. Filtered Water
  5. Fresh & high quality coffee 

Cafec is a Japanese based company that produces 3 different kinds of coffee filters.  Each filter is designed to match up with a roast. 

Light Roast - Coffees like Natty Cheffe, Peru Vista Hermosa, Ecuador Alambi 

Medium Roast - Coffees like La Falda, Las Tabaconas, Las Cotorras, Half Caff 

Dark Roast - Coffees like El Fuego, Sumatra Kerinci, Brazil Capim Seco, Burundi Peke 

We found these filters worked great with pretty much any cone shaped dripper. But, they work best with the Cafec Flower Dripper. This is a 4 cup filter.

To learn the in depth details on these filters click here

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