Barista Hustle Tamp

Barista Hustle Tamp
Barista Hustle Tamp
Product image 1Barista Hustle Tamp
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Barista Hustle's signature tamp is light but balanced, durable, and when the inevitable drops and dings happen, the base is designed to be inexpensive and easy to replace. Made of black anodized aluminum, the tamp body is slim and smooth, easy to hold with just enough texture that it won't be slippery. The cutout near the base is designed to reduce suction when removing the tamper, to prevent a dislodged or cracked puck. A 58.4 mm steel flat piston is oversized to make the most of precision baskets like those by VST, Pullman, or La Marzocco - but that might mean it's too tight a fit in a standard 58 mm basket.

Each Barista Hustle tamp comes complete with its own padded carrying case with side zipper. The overall height of the tamp is 3.4" and its weight comes in at 250 grams, or about 8.8 oz. Materials include type III hard anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel. 

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