Badass Women 2022 Calendar

Badass Women 2022 Calendar
Badass Women 2022 Calendar
Badass Women 2022 Calendar
Product image 1Badass Women 2022 Calendar
Product image 2Badass Women 2022 Calendar
Product image 3Badass Women 2022 Calendar

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We are so proud to feature this Calendar and support an awesome small business!

This collection of portraits represents Badass Women whose actions have advanced equality in the world we know. Remind yourself every month that the world is full of inspirational Badass Women.

The fifth edition of the Badass Women Calendar features such badasses as Flo Kennedy, Patsy Mink, Marielle Franco, Maria Tallchief, and more. The 2022 calendar even includes important dates like when Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973!

Size: 8x8"
Printed in New Orleans, LA.

Not to mention the awesome initiative behind the 2021 calendar where a portion of the proceeds supports The Black Feminist Project!

The Badass Women Project aims to inspire all kinds of humans by celebrating badass women-- particularly to lift up women of color, queer women, and individuals or groups that have not traditionally been recognized for their badassery-- because feminism is necessarily intersectional.

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