Oddisee x Vigilante MiiR Mug

Oddisee x Vigilante MiiR Mug
Oddisee x Vigilante MiiR Mug
Product image 1Oddisee x Vigilante MiiR Mug
Product image 2Oddisee x Vigilante MiiR Mug

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Oddisee's long awaited custom collaboration is here! Vigilante and Oddisee not only share Maryland roots, but also a steadfast commitment to authenticity. While the collaboration began in 2018 through a chance occurrence during a casual visit to one of Vigilante's cafes, Oddisee has had a life-long affinity for quality coffee and is proud to have helped create a world-class product via independent, local business. 

In addition to the beans, an Oddisee MiiR Mug was created. MiiR uses sales to partner with nonprofits all over the world to fund long term, sustainable projects in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. Clean water and proper sanitation are basic needs that many of us take for granted. We and they believe we can and should live in a world where everyone is empowered with the critical, life changing elements. 

To purchase the beans: Oddisee x Vigilante MiiR Mug

Capacity: 12oz

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