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Peru Toro
Peru Toro
Peru Toro
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"Toro" nicknamed after Lucio Toro the producer behind this coffee, is our 3rd micro lot release from Peru sourced in Partnership with our friend Tomas. It's an old growth varietal, Caturra, and is grown at an extremely high elevation of 2300 meters in northern Peru (Cajamarca). This elevation adds to the density of the coffee which in turn allows us to take an aggressive roast approach. Always striving to bring out the terroir of the coffee, the taste of the land on which it was grown.

Who's Tomas?
Tomas, a coffee sorcerer, drives around Peru in a VW red beetle where he spends his days working with farmers to improve the quality of their coffees. He also helps them conduct unique experiments that bring out incredible taste within their coffees. When we met with Tomas we cupped several different micro lots from the various farms he works with in Peru. One of our favorite selections included this coffee from producer Lucio Toro. We all believe this coffee will only continue to get better as Mr. Toro continues to improve and refine his processing techniques. 




FarmerChota Wilder Lucio "Toro"

Altitude2300 Meters


Production MethodWashed

Tasting Notes
Caramel Chocolate Tangerine Full Body Lingering Finish
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