Rwanda Kilimbi (a dark roast)

Rwanda Kilimbi (a dark roast)
Rwanda Kilimbi (a dark roast)
Product image 1Rwanda Kilimbi (a dark roast)
Product image 2Rwanda Kilimbi (a dark roast)

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After a long and rocky history, Rwandan coffee made its way back to the world stage in the early 2000's. This time with a new focus on high end specialty coffee. It began landing in coffee bars from Melbourne to San Francisco, blowing away pallets from coast to coast. Today, coffee is Rwanda’s largest agricultural export, and second largest export.

We have the pleasure of sourcing this coffee in partnership with Higa Coffee. Pioneers in the Rwandan specialty coffee game who are paving the way by taking a win-win-win approach & aligning with like minded roasters all over the globe. Higa is committed to working with partners who: pay their staff equitably, pay farmers at least 20% higher than market for their cherries , maintain the highest quality control standards and offer unique and incredible tasting coffees.

This coffee is grown by a community of about 750 small shareholder farms. After the cherries have been hand picked and sorted, they are brought to the Kilimbi washing station where they depulped, washed and laid out to dry on raised beds. We roast this coffee on the darker side, taking a unique approach to a coffee that is usually a lighter roast. In the cup, you’ll find a heavy body with rich complexity of dark chocolate. A super smooth cup that offers a vibrancy unlike most other dark roasted coffees.




Washing StationKilimbi

Altitude1850 meters


Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelDark

Tasting Notes
Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Dried ApricotOrangeHeavy BodyButtery Finish
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