Peru Vista Hermosa Crème de la Crème

Peru Vista Hermosa Crème de la Crème
Peru Vista Hermosa Crème de la Crème
Product image 1Peru Vista Hermosa Crème de la Crème
Product image 2Peru Vista Hermosa Crème de la Crème

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It's no secret that at Vigilante Coffee we focus on finding the worlds best coffees. Often times we find these coffees through competitions that are held in coffee producing countries throughout the world. In the fall of 2019, we were fortunate to participate in a grassroots competition for high-end Peruvian micro lots. The competition was called Atipanaku, which is Quechua for “competition” and it was conceived of by a group of Peruvian coffee producers & our friend Thomas of the Red Beetle company. They wanted a way to recognize producers that were making excellent coffees, but at very small volumes that were sometimes mixed in with larger lots. The coffees went through a first round of cupping and then the top 20 were scored by Peruvian and international judges. The highest fetching lot was a natural process by producer Wilder Facundo that went for $9.50/lb. And guess who bought that 91/100 point Natural process coffee? Of course we did!

Wilder Facundo, a member representative of his local organic co-op is known for his experimental approach to processing coffee. As you probably already know, we love working with producers who push the limits of what we perceive as great coffee. Wilder's small 5 hectare farm is located in the Andean Sierra Norte in the Cajamarca state and is planted with old growth coffee vairetals, Typica and the mutation of typica, Pache. He uses all organic practices as the co-op strongly urges all of its members to do. Wilder's natural process experiments paid off and it's our hope that we'll continue to feature his coffee for years to come! Enjoy my friends, this is indeed a rare Crème de la Crème.


RegionChirinos, Cajamarca

Elevation1700 Meters

VarietalsTypica & Pache

Production MethodNatural

Roast LevelLight

Vista Hermosa
Tasting Notes
Cacao NibsBlackberryBrightJuicyLingering
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