Hydro Natural

Hydro Natural
Hydro Natural
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The Hydro Natural is done the traditional way, where coffee beans are dried with the cherry intact, but what makes this coffee different is that once the 2 week drying stage has been completed the cherries are then dunked into water and then the cherry skin is removed. The re-wetting of the dried cherry helps in the removal of the surrounding fruit. The result is that the coffee seeds inside that cherry take on an intense blueberry fragrance and a character best described as a fruit bomb. Mango, pineapple, and complex berries overtake the pallet with every sip. We’ve been purchasing coffee from finca La Senda for the past two years. A 25 hectare farm in the little village called El Socorro, about an hour drive from Acatenango. Over decades Don Arnoldo, the owner of the farm, and his wife sold their production as cherries to the local co-op. As the resulting income barely covered production cost they decided to build a wet mill and process their own coffee at the farm. This particular coffee is the result of over 100 experiments in the pursuit of creating a very delicious natural process coffee that offers clarity in the cup.



FarmLa Senda

Altitude1700-1800 Meters

VarietalsCaturra, Yellow & Red Bourbon

Production MethodHydro Natural

Roast LevelMedium

Hydro Natural
La Senda
Tasting Notes
Blueberry Mango Pineapple Juicy Buttery Mouthfeel Lingering Finish
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