Ethiopia Multilayer Fermentation

Ethiopia Multilayer Fermentation
Ethiopia Multilayer Fermentation
Product image 1Ethiopia Multilayer Fermentation
Product image 2Ethiopia Multilayer Fermentation

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We’re back with another experimental coffee, the Multilayer Fermentation from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. This harvest comes from a world-renowned coffee growing region in Ethiopia through a new partnership we formed in 2020. We wanted to start off our connection with the Dumerso Washing Station by offering the very best coffees the group had to offer. This particular coffee jumped off the cupping table, and we knew it had to be ours. It was just too good to pass up, scoring 90/100 points.

The coffee is grown by smallholder farmers and brought to a centralized processing station. That processing station is called Dumerso, a first-class operation employing over 290 people, the majority of which are women. Since 2013, the station has been run by Hirut Berhanu, who purchased the Dumerso Washing Station from the Ethiopian government. She’s a veteran in the coffee game and re-established the washing station with a concentration on specialty coffee.

This experimental process is unique to Dumerso. Essentially, it is a washed process coffee with a different approach during the fermentation stage. They continue to add 2nd and 3rd day batches of freshly picked coffee cherries, until there are three layers that are then fermented for an additional 24 hours. Totaling 72 hours of fermentation time. It’s labor intensive and must be managed carefully. The result is absolutely delicious. Right now farmers all over the world are communicating with one another and sharing their experimental processing results, which is encouraging other farmers to continue experimenting. By purchasing this coffee, coffee roasters and coffee drinkers alike are participating in encouraging these boundary-pushing experiments -- quite an exciting time to be enjoying specialty coffee. Like all experiments, during the learning process there is trial and error. It can be risky for a producer to try these experiments. But without risk, there is no reward. So, we’ll keep rolling the dice looking for these gems as long as you guys keep enjoying ‘em!




FarmSmallholder Farms

Altitude1960 Meters


Production MethodWashed; Multilayer Fermentation

Roast LevelMedium

Multilayer Fermentation
Tasting Notes
Honeysuckle Stone Fruits Baker's Chocolate Medium BodyCitrus Acidity Lasting Finish
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