Colombia Ice Fermentation

Colombia Ice Fermentation
Colombia Ice Fermentation
Product image 1Colombia Ice Fermentation
Product image 2Colombia Ice Fermentation

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Your morning cup is about to get a little funky. Sourced from our friends at Cofinet, we’re excited to release Jardines del Edén, the newest addition to our Crème de la Crème collection. This balanced, juicy coffee comes directly from the Quindio region of Colombia, an area famous for its high-quality coffee farms. What sets it apart is an adapted ice fermentation that brings out and intensifies the notes of cacao nibs, grapefruit, and gooseberry.

During this process, the beans sit fermenting at a chilly 28 degrees ℉. While most fermentation occurs around 68 degrees ℉., colder temperatures can negatively impact the coffee embryo, the innermost part of the coffee bean. Experts at Cofinet have spent years perfecting this adapted ice fermentation, protecting the embryo while enhancing the chocolatey flavor -- bringing out that funky taste you won’t find in most coffee. 

With more than 80 years of coffee growing experience, Cofinet’s mission is to sustainably source high-quality coffee from Colombian farmers and co-ops while promoting alternative coffee processes. Here at Vigilante, we love it when sustainability and the pursuit of quality go hand in hand. If you’re feeling daring, try a bag of Jardines del Edén and add some funk to your routine.



Elevation1400 meters


Production MethodIce Fermentation Natural

Roast LevelLight

Ice Fermentation
Tasting Notes
Cacao NibsDark ChocolateGooseberryFull BodiedJuicyBalanced
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