Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème

Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème
Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème
Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème
Product image 1Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème
Product image 2Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème
Product image 3Colombia Don Juan Crème de la Crème

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Don Juan Velez’s family has been growing coffee in Colombia since 1907! That’s 5 generations of coffee farmers. These days, Don Juan’s son, Juan Pablo is running the farm. All over the world we see a trend where the new generation of coffee farmers are elevating their quality through experimentation & and pushing the boundaries of what we perceive as a great cup of coffee. Roasters & coffee drinkers alike benefit from their experiments. In the history of coffee, there’s never been a better time to enjoy uniquely processed & extremely high quality rare coffees. We present to you, the Don Juan Crème de la Crème.

This coffee was processed over 25 days using the natural method (where the cherry skin is left intact around the seed as the coffee dries). The coffee cherries are introduced to a stainless steel tank and CO2 is used to flush out the oxygen creating an anaerobic environment. You’ve seen us drop some coffees with this process before...think La Senda.

In the cup, expect the unexpected. When done carefully, this anaerobic natural process results in a very cacao nib taste, with complex spice notes, a funky & citrusy aroma, and a buttery smooth mouthfeel. The dominant taste in the cup is rich, rich chocolate but you’ll find there’s way more going on in the cup then can be explained with words.




Elevation1800 meters

VarietalsRed & Yellow Caturra

Production MethodNatural Anaerobic

Roast LevelLight

Don Juan
Tasting Notes
Cacao NibsAllspiceComplexCitrus AcidityFull BodiedButtery Finish
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