Peru Fidel Mezcla

Peru Fidel Mezcla
Peru Fidel Mezcla
Product image 1Peru Fidel Mezcla
Product image 2Peru Fidel Mezcla

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Here at Vigilante we began purchasing Fidel's coffee 3 years ago. Since 2019 we've featured several of his coffees, including the #2 winner of the coffee auction, "Atipanaku", offered as a Crème de la Crème coffee under his name "Fidel Huancas."

What makes Fidels' coffees special is his commitment to quality, consistency, and a mutual long term relationship that benefits us as roasters, him as a coffee farmer, and you as the coffee drinker! Not to mention the pristine micro climate, rich volcanic soil, and quality over quantity mindset that Fidel applies to his coffees.

This particular lot, the Mezcla aka "mixed," is a combination of three different varietals. The harmonious balance of these 3 varieties in addition to the classic washed process on this coffee makes it a favorite morning cup of both our own team and customers alike. The cup is vibrant with notes of pear, starfruit, caramel, and milk chocolate with a balanced and lingering finish.



FarmEl Corazon

Altitude1800 Meters

VarietalsTypica, Pache, Caturra

Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelMedium

Fidel Mezcla
Tasting Notes
Pear Starfruit Caramel Vibrant Medium Body Lingering Finish
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