Kenya Rungeto

Kenya Rungeto
Kenya Rungeto
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Sourced from the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society, this washed process coffee is rinsed in the cold, fresh water of the Kii River, which flows straight from the snowy peaks of Mount Kenya to the processing factory below.

Formed in 1997, the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative is made up of 850 members in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya, where the rich clay soil is ideal for coffee growth. The cooperative prides itself on sustainability and attention to detail. All of the river water used during the washing process is cleaned and reused, and concrete washing stations are lined with smooth tiles. Co-op members meticulously sort the beans to select only the most ripe coffee cherries, which are then fermented, pulped, and dried in the intermediate parchment stage for 8 to 14 days.

Kenyan coffee is graded according to the size and quality of the coffee bean. This coffee, Rungeto AB, is comprised of A and B beans, which make up some of the most popular Kenyan coffees. The top two grades are AA and AB. Kenyan AB beans receive premium ratings from coffee experts all over the world, and with Rungeto AB, you can see why. This beautifully structured coffee brings notes of lemongrass and berries in a multilayered, complex cup.




Altitude1800 Meters

VarietalsSL34, SL28, Ruiru 11 & Batian

Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelLight

Tasting Notes
Floral Sweet Lemongrass BerriesDelicate Acidity Complex
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