Indonesia Hendra's Carbonic Maceration

Indonesia Hendra's Carbonic Maceration
Indonesia Hendra's Carbonic Maceration
Product image 1Indonesia Hendra's Carbonic Maceration
Product image 2Indonesia Hendra's Carbonic Maceration

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Hendra Maulizar has been changing the coffee game in Indonesia. Up until recently (the past five years or so), virtually all coffee produced in Indonesia was processed using a method called wet-hulling or Giling Basah. Hendra has spent the better part of the last 12 years constantly tinkering with improving quality and exploring new processing techniques to highlight all of the hidden, exciting flavors that Indonesian coffees really have to offer. We have been fortunate to have had a few of these delicious experiments from Hendra in previous years: a 100% Java Natural, an Anaerobic Natural, and now, for a second time, a Carbonic Maceration. In this process, whole, ripe cherries are placed in sealed tanks, which are then pumped full of CO₂. This CO₂ rich environment helps to break down pectins within the cherry, and imparts bright, fruity flavors to the coffee beans. As with any fermentation process, without careful management, there are myriad opportunities for things to turn sour (pun intended), but Hendra and his team have become masters at these special processes, earning world-wide recognition and placing 7th in the first Indonesian Cup of Excellence competition. This lot, from the three farms that he helps to manage in the highlands of North Sumatra, showcases this expertise beautifully: with an intense grape aroma in the dried grounds, layers of sweet fruit flavors (black raspberry, strawberry, concord grape), a green apple acidity, an undercurrent of dark chocolate, and a lasting finish, you’d be forgiven if you thought you were drinking candied coffee!

How to Brew It:

This coffee is best brewed with filter methods for more clarity, but could be used with immersion methods for a wilder cup. Use a ratio of 1:15 or 1:16, with a brew temperature of 200–205 degrees.


CountryIndonesia - Sumatra

RegionAceh, Gayo Lues

FarmSeveral Small Farmers

Altitude1500 – 1800 Meters

VarietalsAbyssinia, Ateng, P88, Typica

Production MethodCarbonic Maceration

Roast LevelLight/Medium

Hendra's Carbonic Maceration
Tasting Notes
Grape Aroma Black Raspberry Candy Sweet Dark ChocolateGreen Apple AcidityLasting Finish
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