Peru Wilder Facundo

Peru Wilder Facundo
Peru Wilder Facundo
Product image 1Peru Wilder Facundo
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In October of 2021 our green buying team had the chance to visit Wilder Facundo’s beautiful coffee farm in the Andes Mountains. As we explored his lush 4-hectare farm, Facundo shared his remarkable story and treated us to a tantalizing cup of coffee.

Wilder currently runs his farm with his sister, and hopes to be able to convince his four brothers to join them in an effort to achieve his dream of running a world-renowned specialty coffee farm - a dream that he has already made significant inroads on, participating in the producer - led Atipanaku competition and achieving the highest price for a natural processed lot back in 2019. He also provides technical assistance for other producers in the area in addition to innovating a special attachment to a vital piece of processing equipment (depulper) that results in a cleaner final product. This particular lot shows off that innovation: a more classic South American washed lot, super clean and delicious. The deep sweetness of this coffee reveals itself immediately during the grinding process, giving aromas of molasses and a cherry-twinged marzipan, and after brewing, the first sip follows with cane sugar sweetness, nougat, all well-balanced with a juicy ripe pineapple acidity. Props to Wilder Facundo and team for continuing to produce stellar coffees!

How to Brew It:

This coffee should perform well as either a pourover or french press method, but is not recommended for espresso or moka pot, due to the light nature of the roast. Brew parameters should be a 1:15 coffee to water ratio, brewed at a temperature of 200 – 204 degrees.


RegionLas Pirias, Chirinos, Cajamarca

Altitude1700 Meters

VarietalsTypica & Pache

Production MethodWashed

Roast LevelLight

Wilder Facundo
Tasting Notes
marzipan aroma nougat cane sugar ripe pineapple acidity well-balancedjuicy mouthfeel
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