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In October of 2021 Chris Vigilante traveled to Peru to be the first coffee company to participate in person and bid on the very best coffees in an auction called Atipanaku. We’ve been participating and buying our best Peruvian coffees through this auction since 2020.

When visiting, Mr. Vigilante met with Clever Acosta where he quickly realized Clever has a unique situation on his farm. Clever was conducting various coffee experiments with both natural and honey processes, but the special situation he had was a mini cupping/tasting lab decked out with a sample roaster, a grinder, and all the supplies to conduct professional cuppings. This is uncommon, not something one usually sees at a small 4 hectare coffee farm. This type of setup allows the farmer to really hone in the taste of their coffees, to perfect them. Clever has been recognized internationally for his award winning coffees so it was an honor being able to visit with him at his farm. After cupping 4 different coffees of Clever’s, all of which were outstanding, easily 88/100 point coffees. The one we most loved was the Natural process, 100% Bourbon variety. This coffee ended up winning 7th place in the auction, out performing literally hundreds of really solid Peruvian coffees. The official cupping score by the judges (which included Chris Vigilante as a judge) was an 89/100. 

How It Tastes:

This is an overall sweet, pleasing coffee to the senses. Dried grounds give a warm caramel aroma with twinges of tropical fruits, which carries into the flavors of the brewed coffee: caramel sweetness in the aroma manifests as baker’s chocolate with plum, which finishes off with a very pleasant apple acidity that really contributes excitement to the cup, delivered with a silky smooth mouthfeel. Hints of pie spice and a subtle almond nuttiness all adds up to an appropriate set of flavors for a crisp autumn afternoon.

How to Brew It:

This coffee should perform well using filter methods for more clarified flavors, or for more rounded and layered flavors, use immersion methods. Brew temperatures should be between 200 to 205, at a ratio of 1:15.


Read more about our trip to Peru here.


RegionChirinos, Cajamarca

FarmEl Romillero

Altitude1820 Meters


Production MethodNatural

Roast LevelLight

Tasting Notes
Caramel Aroma Baker's Chocolate Plum Hints of Pie Spice Crisp Apple Acidity Silky Mouthfeel
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