Guatemala La Senda Anaerobic Natural

Guatemala La Senda Anaerobic Natural
Guatemala La Senda Anaerobic Natural
Product image 1Guatemala La Senda Anaerobic Natural
Product image 2Guatemala La Senda Anaerobic Natural

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Our second release from Finca la Senda this year, we have another example of the power of different processing techniques from the slopes of Mount Balam and the husband and wife team of Arnoldo Pérez Melendez and Maria Eugenia Escobar. Caturra, a high-yielding dwarf Bourbon varietal mutation, provides the majority of the mix in this lot, supplemented by the classic Typica varietal. Caturra is generally accepted as a varietal that has average to good potential for cup quality, but terroir and careful processing here at La Senda has illustrated the great potential that this varietal has. The volcanic soils and high altitude of the farm provide a bright acidity and substantial body to the coffee, and the processing technique accentuates these. After carefully selecting the ripest cherries, full cherry fruits are added to a bioreactor, where they undergo a long anaerobic fermentation with the addition of Carbon Dioxide. After this initial fermentation, the cherries are briefly sun-dried on a patio before being transferred to raised drying beds, where they are further shade-dried under 70% shadow for 8 – 10 weeks under the watchful eye of farm workers who manually turn the cherries to ensure uniform drying. All of that time and care translates to intensified fruit aroma and flavor, namely of the dark stone fruit and berry variety, accompanied by a delicious juiciness from the acidity and a full body. Hats off to the La Senda team for another phenomenal offering!

How to Brew It:

Best enjoyed using a pourover or french press method at a ratio of 1:15 and brew temperature of 198 – 203 degrees.


RegionAcatenango, Chimaltenango

Altitude1750 – 2000 Meters

VarietalsTypica & Caturra

Production Method Anaerobic Fermentation

Roast LevelLight

La Senda Anaerobic Natural
Tasting Notes
Cherry Tart Aroma Pomegranate Molasses Sweetness Bright Citrus AcidityJuicyFull-Bodied
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