Colombia Sweet Waters Decaf

Colombia Sweet Waters Decaf
Colombia Sweet Waters Decaf
Product image 1Colombia Sweet Waters Decaf
Product image 2Colombia Sweet Waters Decaf

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At Vigilante Coffee we love the decaf drinkers! These folks are drinking coffee because they love the taste! They're not here for the lift like some of us, they're solely focused on the taste and we respect that because honestly that's how we source coffee. We look for great taste that knocks our socks off. The Sweet Waters Decaf is grown & decaffeinated in a country renowned for incredible coffee and a country we've spent a lot of time in sourcing coffees - Colombia!

The name Sweet Waters Decaf comes from the EA Natural process of Decaffeination, or more simply known as the Sugarcane Process. This coffee is processed at the Descafecol plant in Manizales where the decaffeination process uses ethyl acetate which is 100% derived from sugar cane mixed with mountain water. What's awesome about this process is that not only does it remove 99.7% of the caffeine, but it also preserves most of the original flavors of the coffee. Grown in the co-operative of La Serranía which is located along an isolated set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes. It is the work of more than 50 producers who are committed to quality and excellence. Each farm hand-sorts, processes and pays special attention to the drying process to ensure consistency, uniformity, and a clean cup profile. This is a fantastic decaf that has notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and toasted cacao which a balanced and lingering finish. It's so good you will hardly notice you are drinking decaf!




Co-OperativeLa Serrania

Altitude1500-1750 Meters

VarietalsCaturra, Castillo, Colombia

Production MethodEA Decaffeinated

Roast LevelMedium

Sweet Waters Decaf
Tasting Notes
Toasted Cacao Dark Chocolate Molasses Syrupy Lingering Finish
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