French Press

French Press

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The classic French Press. Although this device was invented in Italy in the 1930’s by a Milanese designer, this brew method was perfected in France. Hence, the name the "French Press."  

The French press is an Immersion brewing method which has become extremely popular and widely used. It became popular because of the easy of use, accuracy, fuller flavor and production of a hotter cup of coffee. The Defining cup characteristics of this brew method are more body, less clarity, and a thicker, oilier cup of coffee, this is due to the lack of paper filter. 

How it works

Coarsely ground coffee is placed in the fresh press, hot water is added and then the coffee should steep for 3-5 minutes. Then you simply press the plunger to submerge the grounds - pour and enjoy! if you leave your coffee in the press, it will continue to brew so be careful to not over steep!

9 Cup French Press made of Glass and Stainless Steel 

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