Ethiopia Suke Quto

Ethiopia Suke Quto
Ethiopia Suke Quto
Product image 1Ethiopia Suke Quto
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We welcome back a stellar Ethiopian coffee, Suke Quto, from the Guji zone. A pulp natural coffee which means the outer skin of the coffee fruit is removed, as it is in the wet or “washed” process but some of the sticky fruit mucilage is left to dry on the bean and later removed along with the parchment skin. This process successfully highlights the favorable Guji flavors and cup attributes. Peach, for example, is a flavor found in many washed Guji coffees but this pulped natural version enhances the intensity of the peach flavor notes. The overall acidity of the coffee is mild but the vibrancy and lingering peach notes provide you with a rich and layered experience. In addition to this coffee being a spectacular cup of coffee it is the origins of how and why Suke Quto were established that solidified our continued commitment to purchasing this coffee. Tesfaye, the founder of Suke Quto, had a dream to develop environmentally friendly coffee, and sustain the local community with a consistent income based on high quality specialty coffee. After a bushfire, and out of a desire for forest conservation, Tesfaye started Suke Quto Farm by distributing coffee and shade tree seedlings amongst the local community. He recruited 150 growers, that replanted the forest. They are now thriving and producing world class coffees. This coffee is organic & rainforest alliance certified.



RegionGuji Zone

FarmSuke Quto

Altitude2000 Meters

VarietalsKurume & Welicho

Production MethodPulp Natural

Roast LevelLight

Suke Quto
Tasting Notes
PeachBlack CherryDark ChocolateLingeringClean Finish
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