DR Congo Mapendo

DR Congo Mapendo
DR Congo Mapendo
Product image 1DR Congo Mapendo
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Our newest coffee named Mapendo, translated from Swahili means “Love”. It hails from the DRC, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Unique and high quality Congolese grown coffees have been finding their way around the world & into specialty coffee bars for a few years now. We are excited to feature a DRC grown coffee for the 2nd year running.

Mapendo is a community grown coffee by 4200 farmers, 1680 of which are women. Grown in the Kalehe territory on volcanic soil at an altitude of over 1,480 meters. It is a part of the African Great Lakes region.  We source this coffee from  Mighty Peace Coffee, a social impact company. Our purchasing, and in turn your purchasing of this coffee, helps the community of farmers achieve improved living conditions, provide schooling, housing and jobs while promoting women's and pygmy rights.  This coffee helps us at Vigilante, to achieve our company mission of uplifting others through coffee.

In the cup expect vibrancy, clarity, floral aromatics, notes of milk chocolate, cane sugar, stone fruit, with a bright acidity and a light body. It’s a memorable cup to say the least and a sign of what’s to come for this small but incredible & mighty country.

CountryDemocratic Republic of Congo

RegionSouth Kivu

FarmSmallholder Farms

Altitude1480-2000 Meters


Production MethodWashed

DR Congo
Tasting Notes
Floral AromaMilk ChocolateStone FruitLight BodyBright AcidityClean Finish
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